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Graffiti is the long-awaited sequel to Missing.
Like its predecessor, it is a fully-colored escape novel, packed with puzzles with good a-ha moments.  In this story, you play the role of a police officer, going single-handedly against a notorious syndicate. You will solve numerous challenging puzzles as you go deep into your investigations. Will you be able to bring down the evil syndicate using your wits alone?

Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ◼

Price per book: S$25.
(Price does not include postage fee)

How to purchase: 

Simply send us an email to sales@nomispiy.com, subject “Graffiti”. Please include your name, postal address and number of copies to buy.

Once we have received your order, we will send you an invoice with the payment details. The book(s) will be delivered to you by post.  For sales in Singapore, payment will be collected via PayNow or PayLah.  For international sales, payment will be collected via PayPal.

These are some of the amazing comments from readers who have completed the book:

👍 “Great job on this latest puzzle book, I thoroughly enjoyed it as always, and love the clever puzzles that interact in special ways with the booklet.” — Everest Lau

👍 “Thanks for the Graffiti escape puzzle book, really enjoyed it! ” — Choo Juen Jeat

👍“I found the puzzles very innovative and unique, definitely unlike anything I’ve seen before!” — Seetoh & Po Yee

Here’s an excellent review of the book from Escaping.SG:
👍“There’s also one incredible aspect of the experience that I can’t talk about without it being spoilery, but I hope you enjoy discovering it as much as I did… Graffiti is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” —Escaping.SG

👍 Here’s another excellent review of the book from Hivemind Review: “Nomis Piy has fully won me over with both Graffiti and Missing.” — Matthew Stein

This is a sample puzzle from the book. Can you solve it?