“Without a doubt, Trapped in my own mind is THE best room we have ever played. Besides being quite tough, I am doubly certain that when the review is out it will top in Enjoyment, Logic, Intuition, Branchedness and Teamwork.”- S-capegoats

“The best escape game organiser!”- Janice

“Really good puzzles, especially the double use of clues and formats”

“Really great puzzles, especially the use of the physical layout and puzzle placement”

“Very unique to reuse puzzles, good game design. Looking forward to your new game!”

“Excellent game. Well planned puzzles!””Wonderful experience! Great puzzles!”

Nice mix of puzzle difficulty and good use of all the design elements.  Really liked it!”

“Puzzles were good and it’s actually up to the REG standard!”

“Enjoyed this more than some REG :-). Very well clued & integrated into the theme ! A++  Would play again!”

“Puzzles were varied and thematic!  I had a great time. A++”

“Very fun & challenging!”

“Can’t wait for the next!”

“Very friendly organising team.  Good fun!”