I FOUND THEM (A real-life Bible-based escape game)


The eye of the Merlion, national treasure of Singapore, has been stolen. Nomis Piy, an infamous thief of world treasures, is the main suspect. All of you are police officers into the case. After much investigation, you have finally reached his hideout. You have two tasks on hand: to retrieve the Merlion Eye and apprehend him. You have one hour exactly to solve the case.


You took a deep breath as you stepped into the old abandoned chapel. Darkness and silence engulfed you. For the last 49 years you have been steadfast in coming here on Christmas Eve. All of a sudden the door slammed shut behind you and the entire place lit up in brightness. You realized that you are surrounded by numerous mysterious pictures on the walls. One of which caught your attention, “Same place, 50 years without fail, you must be anxious to know the truth”. “Indeed”, you nodded.

MELTDOWN – Rescue Mission

The underground nuclear plant has been sabotaged by an intruder and it is going to meltdown in an hour! To make things worse, the security code needed to enter the nuclear reactor room has been modified by the intruder.

As the Special Task Force of your country, you have been assigned to crack the security code and enter the nuclear reactor room to do the repair work. Are you ready for the mission? The lives of many are in your hands.

In this game, all the teams will compete within a room, to solve numerous riddles and puzzles and eventually complete the rescue mission within the given time limit of 60 minutes.

If you enjoy interesting but non-tedious puzzles that involve your associative skills and lateral thinking, this is the escape game for you! Come join us for a time of excitement and fun, with puzzles that have been carefully crafted which will certainly challenge your wits.



It’s the annual Treasure Hunt on the Blue Atlantis! Together with many world renowned treasure hunters, you are on board the cruise to seek out the priceless diamond from ancient Egypt. Oblivious to you, a murderous plot is lurking behind the scene.

Will you be able to find the treasure and stop the murderer before the next victim dies?

PosterMindTrap A1

TRAPPED IN MY OWN MIND (A escape room game)

You felt an acute headache, and then your bedroom was spinning like a top. The next thing you saw when you opened your eyes was a room full of puzzles.

This was not the first time it happened, but each time the room was different. You knew you had to solve all the puzzles to wake up from this madness; you knew you had to outwit your own mind.”



A terrorist group has planted a bomb in a hotel ballroom. The power of the bomb is strong enough to blow up the entire hotel and the buildings in its vicinity. Intelligence tells us that there are hostages locked up somewhere in this building. You and your teammates are tasked to disarm the bomb while the rescue team search for the hostages.  You have 60 min to disarm the bomb before it explodes. You need to act fast!


As you survey your surroundings through the ferocious storm, you vaguely make out the shape of a mansion on a hill. Somehow, a chill runs down your spine as you look at the dark building in the brooding landscape…

Mere minutes ago your car broke down on the remote countryside, and through the stormy night, the only building you have found so far is the menacing mansion up the hill. So you decide to seek shelter there. After a weary climb up the slippery slope in the raging elements, you reach the front door. Yet the signage greeting you read: “Do not enter! Invited guests only!”  Caught between a rock and a hard place, you take the risk to enter. Unbeknownst to you, this would become the longest night ever…

PILGRIMS (A Bible-based escape game)

The journey to Heaven is filled with trials and temptations.  Venturing as a team, you are determined to find your ways through treacherous terrains till you reach the promised Kingdom of Heaven far away.

ENIGMA: Quest for the Code Book 

The world is at war. Your country has intercepted an enemy message which is of utmost importance, but it is encrypted and you have to infiltrate the enemy’s base to retrieve the code book in order to decipher it. The success of your mission will certainly turn the tide of war.  1 mission,  2 locations, 90 minutes, Over 20 puzzles.  Prepare to have your mind blown away!


Invitations had been sent out to a selected few. The letters spoke of a highly sought-after prize for those who could pass the trial. You, and a handful of elite puzzlers, had decided to take up the challenge. Looking forward to win the great prize, you boldly stepped into the cafe, not knowing what was awaiting..


Since late 18th century there have been rumors of hidden treasures on Long Island. It was believed that the pirates plundered, loot and killed the inhabitants of the island. They eventually hid all the gold and diamonds they have looted somewhere in the island. Among them was the priceless diamond called the “Merlion Eye”. Numerous attempts over the decades have been made to locate and retrieve the diamond but in vain. Legend says that when the four map fragments, the medallion (which bears a bullet hole) and the four-stanza Pirate Song come together, the location of the Merlion eye will be revealed. After numerous years of searching, you had finally uncovered two of map fragments. Without hesitation, you and your Treasure Hunters begin an epic journey to locate and uncover the Lost Treasure!


David’s father had been lying unconscious for several days. The outlook of things was bleak. Suddenly a star blinked brightly in the distance, as if beckoning David to come. Feeling a beam of hope in his heart, our young man set out to find the blinking star. Will you be able to help David find the Star of Hope?

MISSING (An Escape book)

Play it solo, with your family, or with your friends.  Let the book take you through an amazing puzzle journey you will never forget.  This is a fully-colored novel, packed full of aha moments.  In this story, you will play the role of a detective, searching for a missing friend in a dark mansion. Would you be able to unravel all the mysteries and escape the mansion unscathed?